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Teleworking, which was imposed on us out of health necessity a few years ago, is no longer an obligation today. And it shows. The return to normal is felt, crowds in the subways at rush hour are inevitable, the traffic that was once fluid has again given way to kilometers of traffic jams. According to a telework study by Dares, published in February 2022, remote work today concerns 24% of employees, i.e. one in four employees. Although this is no longer a majority, the number of teleworkers nevertheless remains significant.

How can you promote a good quality of life at work for your employees?

Since 2017, article 1222-9 of the Labor Code defines telework as “any form of work organization in which work which could also have been carried out on the employer’s premises is carried out by an employee outside these premises. premises, on a voluntary basis, using information and communication technologies”.

Many companies have made teleworking accessible to their employees: computer workstations fitted out at home, information and communication technology equipment, flexible working hours, etc. The positive impacts of such an organization are now well known and sought after by those who practice it: rebalancing of life time, regulation of mental workload, reduction of time allocated to transport, for example. If teleworking appears to be a fulfilling organizational horizon to be achieved, organizations and employees who wish to experiment with it must protect themselves against its effects, at the risk of facing a deterioration in their health at work.

According to the 2022 study by the Odoxa Institute, 41% of employees actually report more frequent addictive practices when working from home, ten points more than in the usual workplace. More specifically, this concerns the consumption of tobacco (75%), alcohol (66%), cannabis (55%), medication (52%) and other drugs (51%). Without forgetting the other notable and important symptoms, such as social distancing, exceeding work hours, loneliness, low motivation, domestic violence, etc. Resorting to teleworking is therefore not a decision to minimize. As with any risk, support measures adapted to the context of the company and the people who practice it, will make it possible to largely regulate the negative consequences in order to preserve only the positive.

Do you want to optimize the performance of your organization while preserving remote working conditions and the well-being of your employees? Presence Digital is the answer you need.

Presence Digital, rapid, tailor-made support adapted to your needs

Présence Digital is your ally in dealing with the individual and collective impacts of telework and in particular supporting your employees in the fight against social isolation and the situations of suffering that can be triggered. Presence Digital is also your asset to revitalize your collectives tested by remote work and the associated changes.

Our platform specializing in improving health at work places the organization and employees at the heart of prevention. Describe your problem to us and you will receive a diagnosis and an action plan corresponding to your situation.

Presence Digital, your resource to ensure the conditions for successful teleworking.

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