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Présence Digital is the first intermediation platform that offers a self-diagnosis of psychological health problems expressed at work.
The platform offers you several support mechanisms such as on-site interventions, individual support and psychological assistance hotline. By combining the analysis of a need with our available support tools, Présence Digital offers an effective, fast and customized action plan to promote health and quality of life at work within all organizations.

On the home page of the site, the user has an insert entitled "make an intervention request". In the first step, the user selects a problem and then an intervention device. Then, after clicking on "next", the user is invited to provide further information on the issue.
In total, the time devoted to the description of the problem is about 5 minutes. 
If the user wishes to set up more than one device, he/she will have to repeat the process and fill in the form a second time.

Présence Digital has a network of confirmed and certified psychologists with several years of experience in the field of psychological health at work. For each request, the best experts are selected but also the ones closest to the specified intervention location for a quick response, within a few hours.

After the description of the problem and then the validation of the estimate, the expert will contact the applicant directly by telephone, within a maximum of 4 hours. At the end of this first exchange, the applicant is free to exchange as many times as necessary with the expert for an intervention that will perfectly meet his expectations.

All exchanges that take place via Présence Digital platform, including when the applicant (the client) and the expert are conversing by phone, are confidential. Moreover, by using Presence Digital, each user is guaranteed to respect the confidentiality of the data exchanged.

Présence Digital is a digital platform for the prevention and promotion of psychological and mental health at work. It provides its users with tools to address a variety of individual and collective issues, regardless of their impact. The platform provides an immediate, specific and customized response with quality field interventions for all the problems described.

Registering for the Digital Presence platform is quick and easy, with a path designed to guide the user through the process. The registration as an organization or as an expert is done from the home page. Depending on the profile, different information will be requested. At the end of the registration process, the user will receive a personal access, including a login and a password that will allow him/her to use the tools in full respect of the confidentiality of his/her data.

The dashboard is the complete reference tool available to the customer and allows him to follow all his requests and achievements of intervention. Much more than a traceability, this dashboard offers a storage space for the reports made available by the mission's participant and also allows the customer to send his invoices to the administration of Présence Digital. The access is personal and the information is stored in full confidentiality according to the GDRP obligations.

In case the user doesn't remember his password when he connects to the service, he can easily request a recovery by clicking on the dedicated button.

Presence Digital is also a 24/7 assistance to help each user in his experience of use of the site and tools.
We can be reached at any time at 01 45 01 60 03 as well as by email at the following address: contact@presence-digital.fr

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